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This course is a 14 session journey guided by Life & Spiritual Coach Rachel D. Greenwell. Author of How to Wear a Crown: a practical guide to knowing your Worth. This Lovingly created course is designed to walk you hand in hand through the actionable steps necessary to create an unshakable sense of self Worth that nobody or nothing can take from you. Learn your Worth, Awaken your Power, and Unlock your Potential!


Know your WORTH | Awaken your personal POWER | Unlock your fullest POTENTIAL

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IamRock L Life & Spiritual Coaching

Know your WORTH | Awaken your personal POWER | Unlock your fullest POTENTIAL

Services are personalized and unique person centered.

Uses Rachel’s personal experience with self improvement and spiritual practice coupled with formal education to give clients a holistic, balanced approach to healing.

Great addition to anyone’s self improvement practice with a focus in addiction and trauma healing for deeper journeys.

Metaphysical background and components make for a deeper look into one’s own soul and core wound healing for lasting change.

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“My biggest personal goal is to show her son an example of what it looks like to follow your dreams and teach him that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.” 🧡

-Rachel Greenwell

I am Rock L Life and Spiritual products

Do self help with the HTWAC book and journal or look fabulous while opening your crown chakra with the HTWAC headband. IamRockL is all about creating “beauty from the inside out”.


How to wear a crown is an easy to read guidebook that gives it’s reader digestible content and step by step instructions on how to increase one’s sense of self-worth. This practical guide to knowing your worth will allow you to dive into the author’s personal experiences with learning self-love and gaining unshakable self-worth.

HTWAC Journal

The How to Wear a Crown Journal is a daily journal with carefully chosen prompts which will assist a person with their practice of daily self-talk. This journal will inspire and motivate the user to improve the relationship they have with themselves and develop an unshakable sense of self-worth.

HTWAC Headband

Raw Real Authentic and 100% Handmade This Amethyst Headband is light, beautiful & elegant. . It is the perfect accessory to glam up your outfit making you feel like a Goddess. It also has the unique metaphysical property of assisting the wearer in opening and balancing their crown chakra.