How to wear a crown

About the Book

How to wear a crown is an easy to read guidebook that gives it’s reader digestible content and step by step instructions on how to increase one’s sense of self-worth.

This practical guide to knowing your worth will allow you to dive into the author’s personal experiences with learning self-love and gaining unshakable self-worth.

This witty but intelligent book will break down the intense process into 4 Rules:

1.) Speak to yourself like royalty
2.) Treat yourself like royalty
3.) Carry yourself like royalty
4) Honor yourself like royalty.

Each category discusses multiple topics relating to the emotional growth and techniques necessary to drastically improve your self-worth and help you to feel like you deserve more and better things in your life.

After reading this book, you will know how to polish your crown by using self talk to coach yourself through difficult situations and change your negative belief systems one at a time eliminating shame.

You will know how to set healthy boundaries that protect your newfound self worth keeping your precious crown intact.

Lastly, you will be equipped with the tools to make your crown shine brighter than you knew possible by teaching you how to fully embody your worthiness and continue to grow your worth as you evolve in life.

This is not just a paperback book. This is not an average self-help book or motivational story. How to wear a crown is spiritual and inspirational guide. It is a transformational process. This paperback book contains an interactive experience that will assist you in structuring a new foundation in which the relationship you have will yourself will stand upon, thus allowing a solid and permanent self-worth to be birthed.

This is not an old school cookie-cutter how-to guide. Read along as the author shares pieces of her personal journey as she built her own unshakable self-worth brick by brick, then walks you through the actionable steps necessary to build your own.

Prepare for a journey, hand in hand with a life and spiritual coach. Rachel helps you create a pathway to healing your self-worth that is personal and unique to you by leaving space for you to empower yourself through decision making.

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Felecia Says…

“I feel enlightened after reading this book! It has given me practical steps to improve my thinking and also provided me with the necessary actions towards positivity. If you want to be the ultimate best version of you I suggest this beautiful and amazingly powerful book.”

Brittanie says…

“This book changed my entir
e perspective on life. When I got to halfway through the first chapter I was hooked and along for the journey through the entire book. The new perceptions I learned from this author showed me how to live myself and respect myself. I have a whole new attitude toward myself I talk to myself with respect and gratitude. I have kids and I am so grateful to have gained the knowledge to pass on to them. I would highly recommend this read. You will see yourself with a whole new bright light and a shiny crown on your head. The depths this reached my soul was life changing.”.


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